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    TTM Career Opportunities for Veterans
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    At TTM we value the leadership, loyalty, integrity and commitment to excellence you have gained through your military service. Whether you are a veteran who previously served, or you are transitioning from the military, or you are an active reservist, you view serving as an honor. At TTM, we believe the same.

    If you embark on a career at TTM, you are starting the journey in an exciting and challenging global industry that serves the technology, medical, aerospace and defense industries. So, if you want to be part of a dynamic team at an innovative company, explore a career at TTM.

    Please view our current openings and apply today, as we have many challenging and exciting opportunities for military talent like you!


    Search & Join Our Team Today!
    "The Navy Nuclear Program provided hands-on technical training where I learned how to handle high-stress dynamic situations. The Navy taught me that I am capable of learning anything in a short amount of time. The Navy and TTM are both hands-on and on any given day, I use the skills I’ve learned to solve problems that impact our business."

    - Peggy LeGrand, Sr. Engineering Manager

    TTM Technologies has facilities throughout the world, see our Global Locations
    "In five years at TTM, I've had challenging job assignments in both engineering and business roles, traveled throughout the United States and China, and received tremendous support in pursuit of both an undergraduate and graduate degree. I look forward to advancing my career further in the years to come with TTM."

    - Jason Jones, Process Engineer

    Challenging and meaningful work are just some of the Benefits of a TTM Career.
    "The leadership, experience, and training that I gained from the Army has helped propel my civilian career in ways I never could have foreseen. My experience as a logistician in the armored cavalry prepared me to take on many opportunities in logistics, supply chain, and manufacturing planning roles. The direct leadership experience led to roles in management and system implementation. Today at TTM, I utilize a combination of those experiences and skills to help lead TTM through business process changes and ERP system implementations."

    - Jason Tuncil, Business Analyst Manager

    Served as a Captain, Quartermaster, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, United States Army